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How to create an estimate, invoice or recurring charge?

To facilitate the use of this platform, a practical sheet has been created and with all of them with similar steps, if you learn to create an estimate you will be able to create any type of document, after following the steps described in the quick start guide you will be ready to send estimates or invoices, the process is very simple.

Starting to create all the estimates you want, saving, editing, sending or deleting them is very simple, when your client accepts the charges you send, they automatically have access to the invoice to be able to make the payment. We will help you get started, you can go to the estimates tab on the top right is the button to create an estimate


Step 1: the form will open to start, remember that the fields of this step are auto-completed with your profile data, you can edit them if you want to change something, with this information the personalized electronic document that your client will receive will be filled in, if you want to save data of your business you can do it just by completing the company section


Step 2: the next thing is to complete the data of your client, you have the option to save the records of all your clients and select it in this tab to auto fill in the fields or write the data manually without any problem, this data will be used to appear in the digital document.


Step 3: step three is to create the body of the invoice, the description of all the charges and present all the necessary calculations, you will find the net data (the total) that you can withdraw to your bank account whenever you want from your digital wallet , you can create as many items (products) as you want.


Step 4: review the information, confirm your details, those of your client and all the charges on the invoice, if everything is correct you can save the record to send it later or save and send it right away, your client will receive an email with your estimate an electronic document with which you can make your payment quickly and easily.

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Last updated on 27th September 2022

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