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Fast Start

You can see the whole process in this video, we also leave you described all the steps one by one, welcome we are here to help you.

With these simple steps you can create your account and initially configure your system to be ready, send the estimates you want and start receiving payments:

Creating your account

1 - You can go to the login of your dashboard, you can enter with your data or create a new account

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2 - In order to create your new account you only have to enter your name, surname, email and phone number, we will send you a verification code by SMS


3 - Enter the code and confirm your account, ready you have a new invoice for you account we welcome you with the free membership you can send an unlimited amount of estimate and 10 free invoices for this you just have to finish configuring your profile


Initial setup

great thank you for opening an account with us, to be able to start using the system you just have to do an initial configuration it will not take long, this data will be processed by Stripe a platform that allows you to manage your payments with great security, it will be very simple

step 1: create wallet: to create the wallet you just have to go to the tab in your main menu you can press the button and soon the process will begin these data are processed

a) in the first file you will review data such as name, surname, email, telephone are taken from your profile but you can confirm it if you like


b) in the second part write your birthday, full address, city, state and zip code stripe provides an identity verification system so that the platform is a safe community we will need the last 4 digits of your social security, these data are treated with extreme caution


c) part of our benefits will be to help you in the near future with your tax returns, to confirm your account we must have what your economic activity is and a brief description of your product, confirming your account requires that you upload an image of your ID on the side of the front and back, with this stripe will confirm your identity and you can manage your accounts with total freedom


d) Finally you can attach your bank account by writing the routing number and confirming your bank account number

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Congratulations, you have managed to finish the process and you can now receive money from your electronic invoices

step 2: complete your profile, write data that will personalize your estimates and invoices at the time of sending the documents you can go to the tab in the drop-down menu and fill in everything you need, you can also fill in your file with your company data in the business section so that your invoice has your logo and the name of your business

Last updated on 28th September 2022

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